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Who is behind the blog?

Who is behind the blog?

My name is Kim, and I am a former Texan turned New Englander. I am a travel enthusiast, nature-obsessed, and self-proclaimed self-care queen. I am based in Boston, but I am always on the hunt for my next New England adventure.

Originally, my blog used to be titled Memories & Words but decided to change to focus more on my New England adventures while still promoting self-care. I wanted to share my love of exploring New England with the world, and help others have a fun time in the Northeast.

My mission is to showcase all the amazing, beautiful, and fun things New England has to offer while sharing my struggles of working a 9-5 job and dealing with anxiety and depression. If I can do it, almost anyone can too!

Feel free to explore the Location tab to learn more about the places I've been. You can find more content on Instagram and Tiktok, and don't forget to sign up for my email list to never miss an update.

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